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10 ML Liquid Culture Syringe

Basidiocarps are agaricoid and grow in clusters. Individual fruit bodies are up to 50 millimetres (2 inches) tall, the cap convex at first, becoming flat when expanded, up to 45 mm (1+3⁄4 in) across. The cap surface is smooth, viscid when damp, ochraceous yellow to yellow-brown. The lamellae (gills) are cream to yellowish white. The stipe (stem) is smooth, pale yellow at the apex, yellow-brown to dark brown towards the base, and lacking a ring. The spore print is white, the spores (under a microscope) smooth, inamyloid, ellipsoid to cylindrical, c. 5 to 7 by 3 to 3.5μm.[1]


There is a significant difference in appearance between wild and cultivated basidiocarps. Cultivated enokitake are not exposed to light, resulting in white or pallid fruit bodies with long stipes and small caps.


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