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For Microscopy Purposes Only

Welcome to my Fungi Culture Store, a unique destination for all things fungi! Here, I celebrate the fascinating world of mushrooms, offering a diverse range of products and resources for enthusiasts and novices alike. My store is dedicated to promoting the beauty and benefits of fungi. Dive into the intriguing realm of mycology with me, and discover how mushrooms can enhance your culinary, medicinal, and ecological experiences. Whether you're a seasoned mycologist or just starting your fungal journey, my Fungi Culture Store has something special for you.


Knocking it out of the park once again. Ordered on Thursday and received on Monday (with a postal holiday in between). My first 7 cultures were strong and clean and I I have no doubts the next 5 will be the same!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Charles B

 Absolutely thrilled to get my package today. I will be recommending to my hobbyist friends and I will be ordering again asap!!! Loved the freebies!! And the hand written thank you note was a nice touch!! Thank you too Amy!


Love, love, love this shop! Never had a problem with the product. Fast response and solutions to any inquiries you may have. Super fast shipping. I look forward to the extra gifts with each order! 10/10 I definitely recommend.


 Excellent price and fast shipping! Came with a free gift (thank you guys so much) can confirm they are clean and sterile. Already ordered again. Thank you guys I wish your company the best.

Cody R

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